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Stains and lacquers:
There are two different types of colouring that can be applied to wood: stains and lacquers. Stains are transparent coats and can be used to obtain a large variety of shades. Depending on the hue, this colouring shows more or less the grain of the wood.
Lacquers are completely opaque and, therefore they completely cover the wood’s grain. Those used for this, like those used for plastic or aluminium, are available in a full range of colours. They provide a uniform finish.

Varnish provides a transparent layer that covers the piece. It acts as protection against rays of light, humidity and other environmental agents. Varnish has the added benefit of filling the wood’s pores and limiting any possible dimensional changes.

This is applied on the last layer of varnish and can be adapted to the requirements of the end product. It can create a large range of finishes from a super matt to a super gloss shade.

We can print trademarks or brand names using several techniques:

Tampography and silk screening:
Decorations are obtained by applying coloured ink though an engraved tool or screen. Almost all colours are possible.

Hot stamping:
This is obtained by the transfer of a metalic film, to the wood, through the use of heat. Thus a metallic look is created.

Laser engraving:
This decoration is obtained by applying a laser ray directly to the wood. This technique gives an embossed finish.

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